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Исполнитель: Alice Cooper
Название песни: Teenage Frankenstein
Текст песни добавил: gven007
1118 просмотров с 2011-12-31 15:52:14
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Alice Cooper - Teenage Frankenstein текст песни, lyrics

I'm the kid on the block 
With my head made of rock 
And I ain't got nobody 
I'm the state of the art 
Got a brain a la carte 
I make the babies cry 
I ain't one of the crowd 
I ain't one of the guys 
They just avoid me 
They run and they hide 
Are my colours too bright 
Are my eyes set too wide 
I spend my whole life 
Burning, turning

I'm a teenage Frankenstein 
The local freak with the twisted mind I'm a teenage Frankenstein 
These ain't my hands 
And these legs ain't mine

Got a synthetic face 
Got some scars and a brace 
My hands are rough and bloody 
I walk into the night 
Women faint at the sight 
I ain't no cutie-pie

I can't walk in the day 
I must walk in the night 
Stay in the shadows 
Stay out of the light 
Are my shoulders too wide 
Is my head screwed on tight 
I spend my whole life Burning, turning

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