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Исполнитель: Korn
Название песни: Clown
Альбом: Korn (1994)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Korn - Clown текст песни, lyrics

life is within my body 
four clicks. . . alright go 
*click* *click* *click* 
four I just said, you faggot piece of shit on the ground
ahh! four? 
four. four? 
*click* *click* *click* 
Oh, hey, what are you talking about Ross? 
Hey, the song's on! (hey Ton Ton) 
. . . Ern! . . . Ern! . . . Ern! . . . 
hey, are you saying so there's no clicks 
hey, we're recording, now start 
Just fucking do it damn it! 
*click* *click* 
I wanna get a twist. I wish we could put twist 
on a fucking tape. . . stupid 
Wanna hear it? 
Fuck you! Fuck you! 
Huh Hueh 
Okay. . . you piece of shit! 

Anger inside builds within my body 
Why'd you hit me? What have I done? 
You tried to hit me! 

Scream at me again, if you like
Throw your hate at me with all your might 
Hit me 'cause I'm strange, hit me! 
You tell me I'm a pussy and you're harder then me 
What's with you boy? Think hard. 
A tattooed body to hide who you are 
Scared to be honest, be yourself 
A cowardly man! 

I don't run around trying to be what's not within me 
Look into my eyes, I am free 
You're just a wanna-be 

To come out 

Hit me clown
because I'm not from your town, now hit me clown 

Clown you ain't shit. Turn around and get your face split. 

I'm just too fucking little! [3x]
I'm just a fucking mental! [4x]

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