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Исполнитель: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Название песни: Rolling Sly Stone
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
806 просмотров с 2012-02-13 13:19:12
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Rolling Sly Stone текст песни, lyrics

I should be on my way
I really ought not stay
Far too strong with the pinnup on
Hear my conscience - I'm gone!

I should have let you know
This boy was made to roam
The band is who I'm married to
And this is what God said to do

I let my motor stray
Forgive me where I play
Sendin' my love to a Tennessee
She got style now let's see

I remember who
To surrender to
The captain of my ship is brave
It's brothers hood on a Mother's Day

Do do do dit do [4x]

I show enough I love you
I show enough I do
So just remember who you
Who you surrender to

I'm off to wonderland
Just in my second hand
Life is short but aint it grand
I'm a way outside but in demand

I'll take it on my chin
Go back and forth again
Find me on some telephone
With a broken down voice and a shake-ed tone

Do unto others who
You would have do to you
Ain't no way I'd ever trade
That sparer life for this piece of shade

Destined for battle zone
Why's there no lesson known
The lesson's not to wait for me
Unless you got a taste for the bittersweet


Let your joy decide
Let your joy divide
Everything we do [2x]

Let your motor ride
Let your motor ride
Everything we do

Ow, hit me!


We could have made it, my love
We could have skated through
So just remember who you
Who you surrender to

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