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Исполнитель: John Frusciante
Название песни: Ricky
Альбом: Shadows Collide With People
Текст песни добавил: Mila_iriska
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John Frusciante - Ricky текст песни, lyrics

I was afraid to be me
Be anything you want me to be
I dont blame my week
For my not being able to speak
Clearly about things ive said before
And if its light outside night will fall
And if its life it resolves
Everywhere you are in a maze is a lie
Anywhere you are on a page you still go to the right
Anytime theres no ground below you you're in the sky
Anytime your afraid its gonna be alright
I was a flame in the night
I heard what i wanted to hear
And the moment i dissapeared
I grew the size of all outside
Cause i became one with the night
And if its real its not all it is
Theres a lot in what apears not the be there at all
And you can function as someone besides who you are

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