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Исполнитель: Mr. Lab
Название песни: Anyway
Альбом: Post Industrial Ceremony (2008)
Текст песни добавил: Marinka_MMS
876 просмотров с 2012-03-19 00:02:42
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Mr. Lab - Anyway текст песни, lyrics

Give up oneself with none ideal
It's coming 'round and getting near
Then nothing could change

Nevertheless the process' real
Falling on the weakest will
We still have today
Do we have time? Do we have time?

We're surfing on the common stream
Of all that is vain but we're still on a beam
There's a hole in the game

It's leaking so on any part of the ground
While lonesome souls are burning around
It's happened again...
Do we have to lay arms down?

Let's face it there's a panic instead
Every morning claims for the name of a dead
It's truly insane
All in all is there one more deal?

Let it grow in your bargain speech
Expecting no clouds by the end of the week
Is there anything else?
So we lack of new stories...

Do we have time? 
Do we have time?
Anyway ...
Do we have time? 

Day after day we're all back to work
Taking refuge in constant dreams of heaven
We know it... We know it... We know it...
We know it... We know it... We know it...

There's a duty on this planet
We'd better keep in mind
A selfish human aspect
Hanging around
     It's growing in the corners
     It's growing in my shoes
     In the basement of mankind
     Someone's havin' fun
It's flickering and sliding
In every little shame
To deaf and blind they're smiling
They are sealing our fate

Anyway ...

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