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Исполнитель: Lifehouse
Название песни: Quasimodo
Альбом: No Name Face
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Lifehouse - Quasimodo текст песни, lyrics

You could be right and i'll be real honesty won't be a pain you'll have to feel 'cause i don't need your approval to find my worth i've been trapped inside of my own mind afraid to open my eyes
At i'd find i don't want to live like this anymore there goes my pain there goes my chains did you see them fall there goes this feeling that has no meaning there goes the world off of my should
Here goes the world off of my back there it goes does it scare you that i can be something different than you would it make you feel more comfortable if i wasn't you can't control me you can't t
Way from me who i am have you ever felt that your only comfort was your cage you're not alone i have felt the same as you have you ever felt like your secrets give you away you're not alone i ha
En there, too everyone is looking and everybody is laughing but i think everyone feels the same everybody wants to feel okay everybody wants to everybody wants to feel 'cause you can't change me
Can't break me there goes the
World off of my shoulders there goes the world off of my back 'cause i don't want it

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