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Исполнитель: Макс Барских
Название песни: Night
Альбом: Z. Dance (2012)
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Макс Барских - Night текст песни, lyrics

Turn me on, cause its coming the night time, 
This beat makes me feel like insane. 
Moving on let's go to the night life, 
To Have fun. To have fun. 

Two of us, and we need no others, 
Two of us, and this world will stop for the night, 
We'll light this night for each other, 
And we will burn, And we will burn. 

Just gimme the… 

Tonight, my heart is like on fire. 
Night it’s time to make it right. 
I can take you so, damn, higher. 
Just give me the night, gimme the night, gimme the night 

Lets dance, cause we’re in the right place. 
Clothes are all over the floor, 
So hot and there is not enough space 
I want more, you want more. 


We lay down under the moon, 
The Black Sea reflects the stars. 
Daylight is coming soon. 
so let's spend together this night 

Just gimme the… 

Feel the beat, Feel the beat, Feel the beat, 
Rocking, don't stop it. 
Feel the beat, Feel the beat, Feel the beat, 
Rocking, don't stop it. 


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