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Исполнитель: Train
Название песни: Better Off Alive
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Train - Better Off Alive текст песни, lyrics

Here I'm on the road again
With my favorite lie
Can't keep up with where I've been
But it helps me hide

Taking a hold of all of the adulation
Keeping my favorite point of view
I'm sailing away from all of the expectation
Baby, I'm better off with you

When you're home all by yourself
I can't get down with it
I can't get up with it
I can't help thinking I'd be better off dead
And I know myself by now
I place all my forecourt prayers

I'm taking my turn with all these evolutions
Keeping my house on where I can
(Maybe I'm better off with you)
Sailing away from all these expectations
'Cos everything's better when it's new

Well, it's easier said than it's easier done
Then you feel like you lost if I feel like I've won
And it's been crazier than it's ever been
Ever been but I miss you

Hanging myself on all these elevations
Crossing my heart and hoping to fly
(Maybe I'm better off alive)
Falling in love with all of these expectation
Maybe I'm better off alive
(Maybe I'm better off alive)

Maybe I'm better off alive
(Maybe I'm better off alive)
Maybe I'm better off alive
I'm alive, I'm alive"

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