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Исполнитель: Dan Lucas
Название песни: Canadian Dream
Альбом: Canada
Текст песни добавил: Zachery
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Dan Lucas - Canadian Dream текст песни, lyrics

Glemmerin' light
So sweet in the night
And full is the tide again
Down by the sea
There's just you and me
All thet we've heard
When we sat down
Was that I know

Now that I know
That I have to go
There's something that dies inside
Wherewer I roam
I know where I'm home
The world I found
Is a world which seems 
To be just like a land of dreams

Night of love
Appease desire
This heart of mine
Burns inside like fire
Mounting night
And sea-gulls scream
That's where I wanna be
This is my Canadian dream

Up in the sky
The eagles fly high
And that's where I wanna be
Now I know, and realized
The world I've found
Is a world that seems
To be just like land of dreams

So as long as I can breathe
And as long asmy eyes see
I will always keep this dream alive

Now that I know
Thet I have to go
There is something that dies inside

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