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Исполнитель: Buckcherry
Название песни: Wherever I Go
OST к фильму: Avengers - Мстители
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Buckcherry - Wherever I Go текст песни, lyrics

I'd like to find a place to hide
 Where no one knows my name
 Maybe down by the sea
And become a mystery

 Nobody seems to understand
 They're just doing what they can
 It comes to me when I'm alone
 Things that can't be taught

 Cannot be bought

 Wherever I go, my mind goes with me
 The people I know, they know I'm empty
Wherever I go, I know to blend in
 But everytime, there's something giving me away

 I have a dream every night
 That wakes me up in bed
 Out of darkness into light
 And nothing's ever there

 Question faith and my beliefs
 If I'm good enough to care
 In my eyes, my obsession
 Is more than I can bare

 Should I be scared?



 I'm at war
 There's a battle inside me
 You would hate it
 If you see what I see
 I see the future
 And the future is ugly



 Away! Away!
 There's something giving me away
 Away! Away!
 There's something giving me awayExplain

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