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Исполнитель: Far East Movement
Название песни: No One's Home For The Holidays
Альбом: Folk Music (2006)
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Far East Movement - No One's Home For The Holidays текст песни, lyrics

Wishing you were here
 Ooh yea yeah

 Wishing you were here, at this time of year
 Cuz' it don't mean a thing if it ain't with the one you love
 See it so clear

 Now Anny was a girl I knew back in the day,
 Thought she caught me eyes but she was looking at Jay (what' up)
 She had it cause of Becky and we spoke on the phone
 Surprise visit to a house and can't answer the dove
 Carrel was a barrel the last we had got, 'till she pulled out her wallet at a stack full of wants (didn't I)
 Debby always ready, Elly, (get the girl) but when they met each other they ain't need me no more
 Francy, Francy, she wasn't from calley. We had a little fringing now she's back in Miami (M.I.A.)
 Life's full of all these peaks and valleys. But, god, I still got my family. (Ooh)


 When I'm alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall.
 And in the back of my mind I hear my conscious call.
 Tellin' me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dove,
 For the first time in my life I see I need love, there I was,
 Thinkin' bout the days before.
 Are you ever coming back or should I give up on ho.
 I know it's hard to cope, but the girl was a ho.
 She left me in the cold, never can't get a dove.

 What the hell was I thinkin' what a waste of my time.
 So I'm tearing down your stocking hanging right next to mine.
 Never make the same mistake when you're fishing the lake.
 I'm sailing in my boat, all alone for the holidays.

 I wanna be, wanna be in love but I don't believe you.
 No one's home for the holidays so it's nice to see you. (say this, say)
 I wanna be, wanna be in love but I don't believe you.
 No one's home for the holidays so it's nice to see you.


 Yo, thanks giving dinner for one delivery.
 Block busta night, no tree on Christmas eve.
 Labour day to Halloween looking for treats.
 But, no eastern bunny, just a rotting ass teath.
 Broke, not poor, but broke like ambition.
 Heart can't start, so broke like transmition.
 Rasberry jelly feeling missing (listen)
 Ladies in my life never stay in the picture.
 Focus, wishing on a star moving east and my car till I kiss me in the forehead.
 Love's code red. Valentines whine. One sip on the lips leaves a lonely man blind so,


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