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Исполнитель: Katharine McPhee
Название песни: Anybody's Heart
Альбом: Unbroken (2010)
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Katharine McPhee - Anybody's Heart текст песни, lyrics

It's a great big world to a scared little girl
 If you smile just right no one knows you might have
 A heart full of pain and a soul that can't reign
 And a stomach full of butterflies

 All that I wanted was just to feel safe
 Safe in your arms

 Say you didn't mean to
 Say I wouldn't understand
 But it's time you say something
 God knows it's the one thing I need
 And the heart you broke
 Know it wasn't just anybody's heart

 So I bit my nails and I held my breath
 And I said "I'm fine" yeah, I did my best
 But you can't tell me you never knew the truth
 Of all the fear I felt, how I worried about you

 And all that I wanted was just to feel safe
 Safe in your arms


 I was yours, I was yours
 And the heart that you broke
 Was devoted and pure
 And it wasn't just anybody's heart

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