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Исполнитель: P.O.D.
Название песни: On Fire
Альбом: Murdered Love (2012)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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P.O.D. - On Fire текст песни, lyrics

stop, drop, roll, i'm on fire!
come into my house and i'll set you on fire!
stop, drop, roll, i'm on fire! i'm on fire! i'm on fire!
stop, drop, roll, i'm on fire!
drink from my cup as much as you require!
stop, drop, roll, i'm on fire!

i was born, raging against the machine before
rage against the machine, heretofore
more than meets the eye is the truth unseen
the king salutes the recruits of the new regime
storm the highways and byways, bring down the walls
and i will not sleep until babylon falls
to coexist with the system is a mission to deceive us
i & i must walk alone through these flames of hell.
turn the heat up!


ther's a sucka born every minute sucking everybody's gimmick
remember when you said that would never be you and now you're living it
everyday routine, destiny foreseen
that's why i stand for the cause, you jump from scene to scene
let the brethren avow that they wont sell out
cause no longer are we blind, we see clearly now
and because i sin, i hope that god forgives
and because i'm dead, it's the only way to live
and it's the only way to die


bridge: turn the heat up! my soul ignites! consumed by the fire, let us burn tonight!

let us burn tonight! turn the heat up and burn tonight! forever we burn tonight!


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