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Исполнитель: Young Jeezy
Название песни: J.E.E.Z.Y.
Альбом: The Inspiration
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1217 просмотров с 2008-09-25 09:32:40
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Young Jeezy - J.E.E.Z.Y. текст песни, lyrics

[Jeezy: talking] 
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood 
All's well that ends well 
Outside watering their lawn and shit 
Birds are chirping, dogs are barking 
It's beautiful 
That may be your hood but this is my hood... 

[Verse 1:] 
Got the red dogs trippin' and these niggaz still snitchin 
The old lady across the street still bitchin 
It's 3 in the mornin take your old ass to sleep 
The third time she's called the police this week 
Lookin' at my Franck Muller, it's about that time 
Your folks just left so I'm on my grind 
Said you wanna two-fifty cause you need that nine 
I want that bread but I don't need that dime 
Charger fresh out the shop with that suicide doors 
Swear I died and came back alive 
With 22 inches all under the frame 
Keep my pocket full of bread, you niggaz know the name 

Jeezy like to drink 
Jeezy like to smoke 
Jeezy like to mix arm and hammer with his coke 
Jeezy at the trap 
Jeezy like to grind 
Jeezy bout his paper 
Cuz Jeezy like to shine 

[Verse 2:] 
Sold those squares yeah I cooked them o's 
Guilty as charged yeah I rock them shows 
I can't even lie yeah i fucked them hoes 
Trapped all day spent it all on clothes 
Shop all day till the mall is clothed 
Come back to the trap get my pockets swoll 
Fruitopia, smoke blueberry 
Mix it with the purp, we call it cranberry 
The Bin Laden clips yeah they came with the chopper 
Got a slick mouth I hope you came with a doctor 
The boy stacks cheese like it came with the whopper 
Stay fly like I came in a chopper 


[Verse 3:] 
Ain't shit shakin but the leaves in the trees 
Between me and you I got a deal on the ki's 
Six in one run, laid a mil on the trees 
Hit the broad every night, keep a plug on the white 
Mr. 17-5, you niggaz know the name 
Why y'all playin y'all know it ain't a game 
This is me motherfucker, why would I ever change 
120 carats, you niggaz see the chain 
I'm a bathing ape fanatic 
Red monkey junkie 
Glass pots on the stove got the kitchen smellin funky 
Sold a million records but I still flip them blocks 
On the TV every day but I'm still pop them glocks 


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