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Исполнитель: Young Jeezy
Название песни: Dreamin'
Альбом: The Inspiration
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1429 просмотров с 2008-09-25 09:34:38
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Young Jeezy - Dreamin' текст песни, lyrics

This one for the hood rite here 
Song dedicated for anybody out dere got sum dreams 
Dont give up on yo dreams real talk 
Ya ready kiese lets go 


[verse 1] 
Born september 28 my life far from great 
No food on the table so we fought for steak 
But im so close to jail feels lyke im so close to hell 
Moms smokin rocks same shit im sellin 
So who's wrong her or me 
She addicted to tha high im addicted to tha cash 
Almost put my hands on here when i caught her in my stash 
How could i do like dat lord knows im wrong 
Why would i do her like dat lord know she strong 
I kno its been hard but we made it baby 
10 years clean so she still my lady i must be dreamin 

Dreamin' (always think about it) (i must be) (man i must be) 
Dreamin' (always think about it) Dreamin' (ooooo rite) 
Dreamin' (always think about it) (must be) man i must be 
Dreamin' (always think about it) Dreamin' (oooo yea) 

[verse 2] 
1 thing about it i got luv for you homie 
2 things about it i take a slug for you homie 
Look atchu now u's a buisness man 
Im proud of u dawg handle ya buisness man 
U like the brother i neva eva had 
U try ya best n i still get mad 
We risk's it all togetha been thru it all togetha 
Caught cases n we still togetha 
Headed OT i sleep while u driven 
Me n my dawg ya we chippin on 5's 
Rememba back when we shared our clothes 
Look at us now we sell our shows i must be dreamin 


[verse 3] 
I was young n dumb wit a pocket full of cash 
Posted on the block wit a pocket full of glass 
Full speed still runin from my pass 
But its startin to catch up ya its gainin on my ass 
Theres 2 types of niggas prediter n prey 
Ima prediter i prey 3 times a day 
Man u wants said one day u'll hav kids 
N how u gonna explain all dat shit u did 
Ima soul survivor we far from a crook 
She always said i was a lot smarter then i looked 
So i took my dreams n made it some thousands 
Then i took my life n i made it a album i must be dreamin' 

[repeat hook till fade]

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