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Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Название песни: Industry Groupie
Альбом: Ultimate Victory
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
2156 просмотров с 2008-09-25 17:15:08
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Chamillionaire - Industry Groupie текст песни, lyrics

Yeah, On behalf of Chamillitary Entertainment 
I'd like to extent my deepest apologies 
To anyone who feels they are offended by the following content 
Now that we down with all of the nonsense 
If you know you not a groupie, make some noise 

Told me that she ain't a freak [2X] 
Told me that she ain't a freak [2X] 
Told me that she ain't a freak [2X] 
You was kinda high matienence to me 
Want my paper but you'll let my partner sleep with you for free 
Baby, I thought that you were in love with me 
But obviously, your just a groupie (Groupie Love) 

[Verse 1] 
See, I got a clue when Young Dro said his girlfriend got a girlfriend 
That girlfriend of his girlfriend's had Chamillionaire as her man 
Then T-Pain said he was sprung, said he had fell in love with a stripper 
I shoulda known that you was the stripper that was on the pole tuggin on his zipper 
Kanye said that you was a gold digger, You always wanted to be major paid 
I turned on my TV and then I seen you kissin on Flava Flav 
We was both fans of UGK, we was both dreaming bout ridin blades 
While I was dreaming, you was gettin laid on everybodys bed and I was getting played 
Yung Joc knew that we was cool, said he knew he didn't stand a chance 
You stood still while my song played and his came on and you did his dance 
You kept begging me for romance, I kept telling you that's enough 
You turned on my boy Juvenile and then proceeded to back that up 
Pitbull said Culo and I ain't even that good at spanish 
But I knew he was talking to you, I was down with you so I couldn't stand it 
Don't try to lie, Don't try to cry, Ain't nothing more for us to talk about 
Like Unk said take 2-Steps towards the door and just walk it out 


[Verse 2] 
Gave Bun B a little groupie love, you gave Pimp C a little groupie love 
And then you bumped into the whole Screwed Up Click and gave every member in the group a hug 
Even messed with my boy Slim Thug, he pulled up, you had a heart attack 
You tried to mess with Game and 50 but neither one of them called you back 
Ask J.R., my car was pushed to the limit on Cool & Dre 
Plus Rick Ross was Hustlin' that money outcha like everyday 
You knew that I loved you was those three words that I'd never say 
Now your business all over the radio and its the penalty that you have to pay 
You made the choice to go and be a freak, even Akon been smacking that 
Her plan was to get ran through by a linebacker or a quarterback 
R Kelly didn't have to tell me about your bump-n-grind and your foreplay 
I found out and I asked you if this was true, you said no way 
Birdman said Believe Dat, T.I.P. was like Shawty 
Then Young Jeezy said That's Right and Lil' Jon said Okay 
Heard you was messin with Ray J, you did a flick is what they say 
I ain't even wanna look at the tape until P.Diddy said Press Play 


To be continued...

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