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Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Название песни: The Ultimate Victory
Альбом: Ultimate Victory
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
2066 просмотров с 2008-09-25 17:17:24
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Chamillionaire - The Ultimate Victory текст песни, lyrics

I'ma thank you, when and what the album almost through 
Thanks, I ain't never had a fan like you 
Eazy E, Left Eye and Aaliyah too 
Pac, Biggie, Hawk, Fat Pat and DJ Screw 
I wanna thank you 

(Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me to realize 
That tomorrow ain't promised, Gotta live your life to the fullest 
What's life if you ain't enjoying it, Know what I'm talking bout?) 

My purpose really used to be so unclear 
Science fiction with the swagger, it's so unreal 
So fly that my nickname should be up here 
Looking up is the only time when I appear 
I'm a spartan, go ahead and throw your spear 
Slap failure in the face and still show no fear 
They say no show but I show like chea 
The Champ's here, let the whole crowd know my cheer (Victory!) 
The media, they write about you in the mags 
Spread rumors about your life and break you is the task 
I know one of my three publicists will ruin my chance 
To let me let you know that I don't like you in advance 
But I thank you and I extend their thanks too 
To everybody saying stuff you know ain't true 
You need to go and find god like Mase too 
But just stay there with him and try and stay you 
Getting away is important 
I can pull a couple strings like a guitar hand 
Better yet, bring out the whole guitar band 
Grab grain, you can swang somewhere like Tarzan 
I swear to y'all, the rap game really making me sick 
The record industry's your home then I came to prevent 
Put some nonsense out and I bet cha this one will stick 
Or put some real music out and I'm probably gonna catch a brick 
Brick on top of brick, we'll build a house 
Tell whoever said that, I'm still filled with doubt 
Told me I'm in the right hole and then sealed it out 
Told me I'm on the right track and then killed my route 
Ouch, you never miss a good thing til it's gone 
Yeah, the flow is so fluid, it's like drinking a song 
Don't get the track mister wrong, this ain't even a song 
This is a beat that I must release therapy on 
Everybody saying that they wanna see me successful 
Came into the game but now I'm feeling let's go 
Intimate moments never seem to be special 
If you jet, then you can bet I'm disappearing like Crisco 
Ala Kazaam, I ain't mad at the fans 
I ain't mad at the man, they both scattered my brand 
Never will understand what really matters to Cham 
So matter of fact, the title is just a matter of plan (Victory!) 
After revenge, it's the victory right 
Well the final run's done and this the victory hype 
Now that everybody's present and this victory night 
Let me repaint the pic, they wasn't depicting me right 
(Now Whatchu mean?) Tell the world that I'm more than just a grill 
Show you how to put cha hands on more than a wood wheel 
If that's all you hearing, then let me just be for real 
Take your contract, the hell with a record deal 
Keep thinking I'm gonna lose if you want to 
Bet the tenth time, it more like a Yukon groove 
That's why I always have to make the move on fools 
Back on my feet like I got two gun shoes 
Yeah, why you think Em probably going all crazy? 
So why you think Britney Spears going bout baby? 
Interview me, you think you know it all lady 
I'm out of here, yeah but not before y'all pay me 
Thank you 

(I appreciate it 
You know I'm used to power, respect and a million dollar check to do what I wanna do 
And right now, I'm fitting to take a vacation 
A real vacation though, Haha) 
This the outro, I was gonna put it at the beginning 
But this is what I say the moment after I'm winning 

(Thank you, Ultimate Victory)

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