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Исполнитель: Les Friction
Название песни: Torture
Альбом: Les Friction
Текст песни добавил: Strider
1188 просмотров с 2012-10-06 17:53:32
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Les Friction - Torture текст песни, lyrics

Savor the time and the trouble
Just leave me trapped in the maze
I’ll live and die in this bubble
But I’ll never give in to your torturous ways

I cower when you’re near
It’s torture

Never considered it futile to carry the weight of your pain
A gift conceived by angels
Dark blessings offered in vain

I stood outside when the roof gave in
You called from the wreckage you were lying in
You were out of reach and were out of time
But I took it all and towed that line
You held my hand and pulled me down with you

It’s torture
I cower when you’re near
It’s torture
The scars born out of fear
The horror
Your soul so black and chilled
It’s torture
I can’t stop what can’t be killed

Save a place inside the walls of your cluttered mind
Let’s listen for silence
And sail back to when you crumble and decay
There’s no love in this violence
No love anymore

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