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Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Название песни: Grown And Sexy
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
2539 просмотров с 2008-09-25 17:21:35
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Chamillionaire - Grown And Sexy текст песни, lyrics

Ha-ha yeah, it's yours truly Houston's own 
Chamillionaire holding it down, for the playa that don't believe 
In love at first sight, but the playa that believes that he 
Can get love on the first night, that's right 
So before I get to discussing, what type of eye candy I need 
What type of visual stimulation, she needs to be able to achieve 
There's something special bout ya, that ain't hard to see 

Grown and sexy from your head, down to your toes you know you're fine 
Got that perfect face a perfect shape, and perfect smile (a perfect smile) 
But soon as you turned around, it's something that I realized yeah 
You look better from behind, you look better from behind, grown and sexy 

From the moment you flashed your teeth, I knew that we had to meet 
Your face was the Mona Lisa, your ass was a masterpiece 
Asked ya if you was married, and that's when you answered no 
I asked if you had a nigga, and that's when you said fa sho 
So I didn't care, as you walked away I was stare 
At your bottom in apple bottoms, your waist was shaped like a pare 
Really round at the bottom, a little thin up there 
So instead of letting ya leave, I pursued ya just like the playa 
That I am and damn, couldn't help but to help myself 
To a helping because I smelled some perfume, that can make me melt 
And you shoulda seen my demeanor, I had to control myself 
Approaching you from the rear, as I tapped you right on your belt 
And you tried to look surprised, like you didn't know I was behind ya 
But I could tell by your smile, you was waiting on me to find ya 
Mess with my thought a bit, and tried to play hard to get 
You don't wanna look like you're freaky, pretend like it's hard to hit 


Let's give a toast, to the ladies that look better up close 
That look better by the behind, and better when you approach 
You try your best to get up close, until you smelling the soap 
Lovely ladies from coast to coast, get in bed and she dope 
Not a eight and not a nine, grade you more than just a dime 
Bentley steering wheel body, cause you look better from behind 
Grip around your waist turn it, like I'm just trying to get a better view 
Cause God must of been working hard, when he assembled you 
I'm trying to test drive, your rear and your shape 
And I'm power steering your waist, and I see your rear is in shake 
If you thought I couldn't handle it, then you're really mistaken 
No one here to keep you near, then you're here for the taking 
I'm still waiting, for you to give me one good reason 
Why you couldn't leave and be speeding, off in some good breezing 
You'll never spend another boring night, in some hood freezing 
But posted up by standing water, during some good season 


Had to tell you, that I'm really feeling your style 
Saw you walking by, and couldn't let you pass 
Gotta tell ya, that I'm really feeling your smile 
But even better, is the beauty of your ass 
Staring right, into the beauty of your profile 
There's something, that I gotta ask 
Can you let me, let me 
Let me, view your beauty from the back 


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