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Исполнитель: Brother Dege
Название песни: To Fill a Hole
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Brother Dege - To Fill a Hole текст песни, lyrics

I slept through the time of waking
 Blind like a new soul born
 Torn from the God that made me
 Thrown to the hell below.
 Raised in a land of cages
 Locked upon the dust
 Up from the foot of a baby
 Down to the heel of a dog
 Just racing round
 With my brain done blown
 Just wasting time
 Trying to fill a hole
 Here come all the signs a’breaking.
 Laid from the hand of God
 You know strange is the way he made us.
 Lost in the Burning Sun.
 I can’t tell what is damned or sacred.
 Can’t tell you where to find no love
 Strange is the way god made us
 Lost in the hells above
 You want it.
 You need it.
 You feel it in your bones.
 Touch it.
 Go on take it.
 Looking for to fill a hole.

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