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Исполнитель: Feeder
Название песни: High
Текст песни добавил: gven007
675 просмотров с 2013-04-10 20:29:12
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Feeder - High текст песни, lyrics

Guess im stuck in a dream 
Surrounded by coloured leaves on the ground, 
As i stare at the trees, 
I see one fall down on my hand. 
As i start to explore, 
I can't ignore a man, 
He turn his head around, 
His face was all worn by the sun. 

Im going out for a while, 
So i can get high with my friends, 
I will, 
I'm going out for a while, 
Don't wait up cause i won't be home, 

Drifting down the road, 
Losing myself in a dream, 
Feel my hands getting cold, 
Sat in a boat on a lake, 


Climbing up, trying my best, as i sink. Climbing up trying my best as i sink again. 

Lying back on the floor, 
reaching up high into space, 
see myself in a glass, 
I'm counting the lines on my face, 
Counting the lines on my face, 



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