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Исполнитель: Xandria
Название песни: Euphoria
Альбом: Neverworld's End
Текст песни добавил: AkellaWolf
801 просмотров с 2013-04-29 23:13:05
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Xandria - Euphoria текст песни, lyrics

Serpent angel rape me
Serpent venom in me

O Euphoria, our goddess you are
Take the burden away to live in this hell
Say goodbye to the dreams, destroyed fantasies
Bitter nightfall at hand, will cover the land

Forces come – silent
cross your mind – blinding
Anaesthesize – senses
Steal them all away

Caress you – grievous
Infest you – with lust
Ending soon – chaos
servant life is waiting

Consume the drugs we sell to you
Keep you begging for more
And soon you will forget
The world you were longing for

Childish dreams – sinful
I have seen – passion
Fearlessly – chainless
All this hope is forever lost

O Euphoria…
Neverworld´s End

We sell you a false dream for your own
So we can control your fantasies
There´s no hideaway this world is ours
Give in to our plastic paradise

Endlessly travelling the plains of my dream
Slowly it´s fading in my memory

O Euphoria, sweet lies that you are
Let the child fade away, just memories stay
O Chimaria, predacious heart
Take our souls with you, Forever repent
Neverworld´s End

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