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Исполнитель: Sick Puppies
Название песни: That Time Of Year
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Sick Puppies - That Time Of Year текст песни, lyrics

Another Year 
 Has Come and Gone again 
 Look around 
 And think where have you been 
 Trace the Lines 
 On your face tonight 
 And don't forget 
 That this will pass in time 

 It's cold out this morning 
 You should be getting into bed 
 Can't believe its that time 
 Of year again 

 Curled up tight 
 A darker shade of white 
 Thinking Back could be here for a while 

 Its cold out this morning 
 And it's getting harder to pretend 
 Can't believe it's that time of year again 

 Can you believe the life you led? 
 Did you achieve the goals you set? 
 Did you lose your mind? 
 Well and then 

 Is there a reason you own them 
 It is a season that won't end 
 Can't believe it That time of year again 

 Another year 
 Has come and gone again 
 Look around 
 and wonder what happened

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