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Исполнитель: Слот
Название песни: Vamp
Альбом: Break the Code
Текст песни добавил: AkellaWolf
976 просмотров с 2013-05-06 00:04:01
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Слот - Vamp текст песни, lyrics

Dark… slaughtering wings
of queens and of kings.
My naked monarch—
the one you serve
is… what you deserve.
I knew, no such thing
existed, but I
stayed right next—to you.
I’m… one with the night.
For so many years… living without light,
and hungering
for… blood and the cries.
Answering in tears,
where only live fears.
It is so cold…
I’m just so cold inside
I’m just so cold inside
Inside eternal fire…
And now you risk it all for
one chance to be with me.
Approaching me too closely,
You’re living dangerously.
Enticing you to lead me back to where you call your home,
And kill you there.
I want to die so I can live.
I spill my blood—to you I give.
I throw my life away to be – with you.
I long… such a sweet death, orgasmical fear
that my blood will boil cold so I will be…
Locked in the grip of my jaws there is no escape.
(So) if you want me you must embrace… my shadow.

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