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Исполнитель: Tarja Turunen
Название песни: The Archive of Lost Dreams
Альбом: What Lies Beneath
Текст песни добавил: AkellaWolf
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Tarja Turunen - The Archive of Lost Dreams текст песни, lyrics

Far from the light to reach beneath a veil of mist
Countless stories were left to rest in peace

Darkened and calm the grave uncared
Once a haven filled with hope, the archive of lost dreams

We send our inner fears for the ocean to score
Waiting it takes them all away from the shore

Deepest beliefs from billions of souls
Longing for our wishes to find the way back home

The last one in the unknown
The keeper of our written dreams

None of them were left behind
She blessed them with her kiss

Hear and feel
The miracle of life
Believe the signs and trust you'll stay alive
Descend to find the depth of your heart

Mysterious Naiad
Now the circle's closed forever
The archive is gone
We are on our own

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