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Исполнитель: Platnum
Название песни: Love Shy
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1567 просмотров с 2008-10-10 13:40:20
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Platnum - Love Shy текст песни, lyrics

Heya heya heya heya hey, 
I'm thinking about you, i'm a loveshy baby 
Got to got to get together be strong 
Cos our love will be coming and i won't be loveshy anymore 

Verse 1: 
Sometimes i run when i wanna stay 
It's all about life that we're living 
I just gotta watch what your scheming 
And when i see you i wanna hide 
A little afraid of the feeling 
One look at you boy and i'm dreaming 

And deep inside there's a love calling out your name 
But i'm not the kinda boy who thinks its just a game we play 
Don't think that i don't wanna get involved with you 
Its all i wanna do won't you try to understand me 


Verse 2: 
Try to be patient i know its hard 
Baby it's worth all the while 
With me its a slow kinda style 
And when you feel your intentions stray 
Remember that love is the reason 
The good things in life don't come easy 

And though i spend a few saturday nights 
On the telephone when i could be touching your face 
For me emotion takes a mighty long time 
But soon the light will be shining, and i won't be loveshy anymore 

Chorus x2 

I've be watching you watching me, 
And i know your on it, 
I'm a little love shy boy, 
So why dont you put your number on this paper, 
Maybe i will call you later, 
I need love i need trust, 
Anything you got boy its all good, 
I like it like that i like it like this, 
I know i'm shy boy 
But i know you'll like this, 
So take my number come on over be my soulja boy, 
And when you're over 
I will show you how you shout it boy. 

Chorus x2

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