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Исполнитель: J Cole
Название песни: Land Of The Snakes
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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J Cole - Land Of The Snakes текст песни, lyrics

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
This the shit I used to roll down Louis Street with
Lord, know some hoes from the past like, "Damn Cole, wish I knew that you would be rich"
Well, should've asked
It's funny how these niggas on some real "Be cool with me" shit
I bagged two bitches like it's two of me bitch
This the shit I used to roll down Louis Street with
Finally got my own bedroom in this bitch
No more sleeping in my brother's room
Like man I might as well be sleeping in my mother's room
Cause how I'm supposed to sneak hoes with my bro here?
Plus she gon' find out I been rocking all this old gear
This is no fair
This is (?)
This is so clear
This is one breath
This is no air
And (?) I do the most here
I'm the President you the co-chair
You the player, yeah, I'm the coach here
Nigga I coast here
This where they got me set up on this West Coast here
Avoiding the snakes, AK's, and coke yeah
Get my dick wet but I never let it soak there
Man I been thinkin' bout movin' out
What? Country boy in the city in New York nine years
Ran that shit like Diddy
Riding through South Side Queens like Fiddy

[Hook: J. Cole]
Nothing's impossible
And all you lame niggas show me what not to do
I met a real bad bitch in the club tonight
She told me, "Watch the snakes cause they watching you"
I told her, "Aw baby don't stop! I ain't looking for the way to your heart!"
She said, "You bout to miss church" while she riding me
I like my Sundays with a cherry on top
Make that ass drop
Make that ass drop
Make that ass drop

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Now if you only had one wish is it devious?
Cause you already know who your genie is
Can't get a cover now your mag on my penis
Like damn he turned out to be a genius
Damn real shit nigga no Pixar
You niggas soft like Meagan Good's lips are
My kicks hard
My whip hard
I came out the womb with my dick hard
Back when I was playing Stomp the Yard
It be a bunch of niggas up on campus talking hard
Don't get exposed to these hoes boy knock it off
I seen your mama in a Benz when she dropped you off
Damn now who more thorough than me?
I paint a picture of my pain for the world to see
Could paint a picture of the game but my girl would see
Gotta ask myself, "What mean the world to me?"


[Verse 3: J. Cole]
This the shit I used to roll down Louis Street with
A little Fayettenam nigga out in Beverly Hills
That's when I ran into this chick I went to college with
Yeah back when a nigga was on scholarship
Was in a rush but I still stopped to holla, shit
That's the least I owed her cause I tried to hit
On the first night, nah I ain't proud of it
I boned her in my dorm room and kicked her out of it
And I never called back, how thoughtfuless
Now I'm standing in the streets tryna politic with her
In her mind she calling me a misogynist nigga
On some Bobby Brown shit my prerogative is to hit and never commit
Now realizing when I hit she never forgets
So every time I ignore the telephone call
Saying I'll hit her back knowing I'm never gon' call
She was hurting
Now she staring dead in my face she was smirking
Like, "Yeah I remember and nah you ain't worth shit, nigga
You ain't worth shit, nigga"

This the shit I used to roll down Louis Street with

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