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Исполнитель: Ciara
Название песни: I'm Out
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Ciara - I'm Out текст песни, lyrics

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Ayo Cici, let me show you how to do a singing bitch greasy
You was by Lenox, yeah, the one on Peachtree
I was with Dimitri, seen you on your Love & Hip Hip Mendici... 
These petty niggas is a bitch, motto
If I say it on wax, every bitch follow
If I'm sipping in the club, mix Moscato
I got a big fat pussy, big dicks follow
Hit 'em with them back shots, hit 'em with them ass shots
Took 'em to the bank, then I hit 'em where the cash drops
I'm gonna ball, I'll hit 'em with the mascot
No I've never been there, but I like to Bangkok
Big fat titties when they hangin' out my tank top
You gon' play me? On Instagram niggas tryna shade me
But your bitch at home tryna play me, I'm Nicki and Weezy F. Baby
Man, fuck you and your lady, gun-butt you 'cause you shady
Now which bitch want it?
'Cause that bitch get it
I gave 'em to you bitch, and don't fucking forget it

Ladies this your song, so as soon as this come on
Say fuck these petty niggas if these niggas did you wrong
If he got a new bitch, then tell that bitch meet you outside
Then pop her like a molly til these bitches recognize
Winning... I'm winning, the ending, the beginning
I send 'em on an errand, then I son 'em like my children (children)
You couldn't get a fan if it was hanging from the ceiling
I'm out...

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