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Исполнитель: Dream
Название песни: Pussy
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
815 просмотров с 2013-06-24 01:44:03
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Dream - Pussy текст песни, lyrics

[Intro] - Pusha T
Oh boy
She want a dope 
She wanna throw bandz on a pole dance
No test drivin that two door
She wanna stunt with me on a old man
Oh god my IG is like IV to this lifestyle
I buy the chick
Take a pic and you OD on my life files

[Verse 1] The-Dream
Shawty get it get it
Do it big, do it good
Work it like a girl should 
(Work it good, work it good)
Bring it back (bring it back)
Tell the DJ bring back
Let me touch it, fuck it 
Baby tell your man he ain't gettin it back
Shawty you so ratchet
Baby I'm so ratchet
You so gone with that
I gotta have (I gotta have it)
Like a nine I gotta blast it
So fine I gotta grab it
She don't mind

I got my left hand on that booty
Got my right hand on that pussy 
(I love)
Now keep that booty rolling that
Keep that pussy poppin like that
Imma keep these bandz poppin like that

[Verse 2] The-Dream
Up in that six hundred
You ain't even seen it
Touchin on it, rubbin on it
Girl you got me feenin
All about her money
And I'm all about my money
Million dollar babies plus alimony
First a nigga save you
(Then a nigga grave you)
And ain't nobody got time for that
So it's best just to pay ya
Thirteen cars I don't need nothing else
Just this booty on my lap
And this gold on my neck


[Verse 3] Big Sean
The way do
Got me very very very happy
She stare at me while I'm starrin at it
I'm young sexy ass charismatic
Ass, gorgeous face, ass havin
Nigga that's you lovin her pantyhose
She need this dick like it's antidote
That pussy is a work of art painted by Michael Angelo
I wake up to pussy and cantaloupe
That she made me for my appetite
Fucking so hard imma remember this in the afterlife
I tell her slob on my nob, like it's corn on the cob she keep going oh my god
And my broad is so bad I can hit from the back
All my favorite girls got my initials as tats
Finally Famous she throw the set up like Sororities and Frats
Niggas can't tell me shit but congrats


Pull up to that traffic light
Stars bright wanna touch her
Gotta get her to the spot
Oh shit I might love her
Straight up out of med school
Could be my baby momma

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