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Исполнитель: Kate Alexa
Название песни: Somebody ot there
Текст песни добавил: DaskoU
2692 просмотров с 2008-10-12 23:50:04
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Kate Alexa - Somebody ot there текст песни, lyrics

I'm tired of being alone, 
Missing someone i dont even know 
Crazy but all ive been through 
Was just another way of getting back to you 

Its only a matter of time 
Seperate lives will be two worlds that collide 
Dont go asking me why 
I believe what im feeling inside 

Somebody out there's got my name on their heart 
Somebody out there is watching the same star 
I'm counting the hours now and it wont be long 
Till i find that somebody out there 
Whos the one 
Whos the one 

I hear the words you dont say 
Like a favourite song that i never play 
Are you all that you seem 
Or are you just a picture taken from a dream 

I know that im not making sense 
But i like what i see and i wanna see more 
Love is my only defence 
I believe that is what i am here for 


A thousand miles 
A million smiles 
How many more to go 
I'm shouting out 
Can't live without 
For you i want to no 

Chorus X 2 

Tell i find that sombody out 
There whos in love

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