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Исполнитель: Kate Alexa
Название песни: You are everything
Текст песни добавил: DaskoU
5309 просмотров с 2008-10-12 23:56:15
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Kate Alexa - You are everything текст песни, lyrics

Right from the day
I saw your face
It all just felt so right

And when I look back
I see the smile
You gave to me that night

Your are the key
Right to my heart
I wanna live like this forever
And ever

You're everything good to me
You make me free
You're everything 
I'll ever need
You're all I dream
You're everything
You make me complete
And now I can fly above the ground
Cause you're everything
You're everything

It's finally clear
Now that you're here 
I've lost all that I fear

Will always embrace 
This fantasy place
This is all just so real

Under the sun
Under the rain
Just as long as I'm with you

Chorus =)

Not a lonely day goes by
With you right here by my side
And give me the strength I can do anything
Anything when you are here
My mind is clear.

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