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Исполнитель: Coldrain
Название песни: Miss You
Альбом: Nothing Lasts Forever
Текст песни добавил: Rainlock
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Coldrain - Miss You текст песни, lyrics

I'm lying here on a bed
My eyes are closed but I'm awake
I wish the dream would never end
You'd still be next to me
I thought this would be easier
I'd do my thing and this would work
But now I'm here trying to find a song
To make this emptiness disappear

When all it is, is I miss you

As days go by nights go long
You'd think I'd find a better song
But I'm still here trying to find a way
To make this emptiness disappear
But it still won't disappear

Cause everywhere I go you're alway on my mind
But I just wish you wouldn't call me tonight
Cause when I hear your voice it reminds me of the choice
I made to not always be by your side
And every time you cry you keep the pain inside
You lie for me with "everything's alright"
Now it's hard to say it's always hard to say
I miss you

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