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Исполнитель: Within Temptation
Название песни: Forsaken
Альбом: The Silent Force (2004)
Текст песни добавил: shula
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Within Temptation - Forsaken текст песни, lyrics

Now the day has come. 
We are forsaken this time. 

We lived our lives in our paradise, 
As gods we shaped the world around. 
No borderlines we'd stay behind, 
Though balance is something fragile. 

While we thought we were gaining, 
We would turn back the tide, it still slips away. 
Our time has run out, our future has died, 
There's no more escape. 

Now the day has come, 
We are forsaken, 
There's no time anymore. 
Life will pass us by, 
We are forsaken, 
We're the last of our kind. 

The sacrifice was much too high, 
Our greed just made us all go blind. 
We tried to hide what we feared inside. 
Today is the end of tomorrow. 

As the sea started rising, 
The land that we'd conquered just washed away. 
Although we all have tried to turn back the tide, 
It was all in vain. 


Now the day has come. 
We are forsaken this time. 

Now the day has come, 
We are forsaken 
There's no time anymore. 

Now the days come. 
The day has come. 
The day has come.

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