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Исполнитель: Blackmore's Night
Название песни: Village On The Sand
Альбом: Fires At Midnight
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Blackmore's Night - Village On The Sand текст песни, lyrics

I saw three ships a-sailing in from across the sea
Strangers near were welcome but for curiosity
But come they did and when they did ready they did stand 
And things would never be the same in our Village on the Sand...

When the ships pulled in to dock the villagers did hide 
When trouble came it usually was brought upon the tide 
When the pirates disembarked they were making plans 
And from then on things were not the same in our Village on the Sand...

The smugglers came into our town and many sought to run 
I stood my ground bravely and came face to face with one 
Time and travel on the seas weathered face and hand 
He was different than the others in my Village on the Sand...

He told me of the years he'd spent on the stormy seas 
Then he spoke a poet's words of philosophy
And when he had to leave again he asked me for my hand 
And I knew I'd never see again my Village on the Sand...

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