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Исполнитель: Jah Cure
Название песни: Give It To Them
Альбом: Freedom Blues (2005)
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
851 просмотров с 2013-12-21 09:14:40
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Jah Cure - Give It To Them текст песни, lyrics

Yea man
Mi nuh know nuttin else but music yuh nuh
Dat a my talent
Mason man know him job and carpenter man know him job
Physician must know his

Ooooh na, yeeea yea yea
Long time Rastaman a gwaan

Any where you want it
I'll be giving it to you
Because Jah command this 
I sing this one for you
You betta obtain this
Music is for me and yooouu
Inna yuh brains sustain this
These words I'm saying are truee ya

[Verse 1:]
Mi give them it musically , physically, spiritually internationally yeaaaa
Rasta nah shoob nuh trolly
Around di alley
Weh dem a keep up folly bout yaaaa
Cause I feel it in myyy heart


[Verse 2:]
From di top of my hearrt 
I feel a music string pull
I feel it in my thought
It keeps my righteous cup fulll
Oo what a day I'm loving yeaa
It's just good music I'm serving
Cause a over time they doooing 
Just a belly full nuff a look yeaa


[Verse 3:]
You got to be a trend setter
A pace setter fi make di music better yeaaa
Nuh bother with di dilly dolly
Around di alley 
Nuh bother chat nuh folly bout yahhh


Mi give dem it musically, physically, spiritually internationally wooaa
Rasta come matically reggaematically 
Musiiic [fade]

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