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Исполнитель: Emmure
Название песни: Green Is The Worst Color Ever
Альбом: Nine Eleven Zero Four
Текст песни добавил: nigga queen
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Emmure - Green Is The Worst Color Ever текст песни, lyrics

Watch your step
Season of unclouded memory
I'll dig away the snow because of your foreplay
How can i hunger when i swallow so much silence my patience wearing so thin

And we are not the same. [x2]

Sitting in this corner, I feel the hatred racing through my veins, my heart.

I'll never slip away
These walls will never break
My voice still goes unheard
My thoughts are so impure

And we are not the same [x2]

The sun digs through my eyes for the last time today I swear I'll die.

The clouds part, the concrete [?], the earth spreads its legs

the innocent scream and dust is all that's present, and dust is all that's present.
I'll pray why this torment everlasting

This torment everlasting dear god help me through this
My wounds will not heal and the bruises call to demons.
Pain is my legacy, I hold no sympathy. [x4]
I have no sympathy cause this is my hell.

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