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Исполнитель: Macklemore
Название песни: White Walls
Альбом: The Heist (2012)
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Macklemore - White Walls (feat Ryan Lewis with Schoolboy Q & Hollis) текст песни, lyrics

[Intro: Macklemore]
I wanna be free
I wanna just live
Inside my Cadillac
That is my shit
Now throw it up (I throw that up)
That’s what it is (that’s  what it is)
In my C A D I L L A C bitch  (biatch)
Can’t see me through my  tints (nah ah)
I’m riding real slow (slow  motion)
In my paint wet drippin  shinin' like my 24’s  (umbrella)
I ain’t got 24’s (na-uh)
But I’m on those Vogues
That’s those big white walls, round them hundred spokes
Old school like Olde English  in that brown paper bag
I’m rolling in that same whip  that my granddad had
Hello haters, damn y’all mad
30k on the Caddy, now how  backpack rap is that?
[Hook: Hollis]
I got that off-black Cadillac,  midnight drive
Got that gas pedal, leaning  back, taking my time
I’m rolling that roof off,  letting in sky
I shine, the city never  looked so bright
[Verse 1: Macklemore]
Man I’m lounging in some  shit Bernie Mac would’ve  been proud in
Looking down from heaven  like damn that’s stylish
Smilin’, don’t pay attention to the mileage
Can I hit the freeway?  Illegally going 120
Easy weaving in and out of  the traffic
They cannot catch me, I’m  smashing
I’m ducking, bucking them out here
I’m looking fucking fantastic,  I am up in a classic
Now I know what it’s like  under the city lights
Riding into the night, driving  over the bridge
The same one we walked  across as kids
Knew I’d have a whip but  never one like this
Old school, old school, candy paint, two seater
Yea, I’m from Seattle,  there’s hella Honda Civics
I couldn’t tell you about paint either
But I really wanted a Caddy  so I put in the hours
And roll on over to the  dealer
And I found the car I  dreamed of, there's a  problem with this geezer
Got the keys in and as I was  leaving I started screaming
[Verse 2: ScHoolboy Q]
Backwoods and dope
White hoes in the backseat  snorting coke
She doing line after line like  she’s writing rhymes
I had her inhaling my love,  tryna blow my mind"
Cadillac pimpin’, my uncle  was on
14, I stole his keys, me and  my niggas was gone
Stealing portions of his  liquor, water in his Patron
Driving and smiling like I won the fucking lottery homes
(fuckin' lottery homes)
Tires with the spokes on it and the Vogues too
Mustard and mayonnaise, keeping the buns all on
My dogs hanging out the  window
Young as whoosh, fuckin like we ball
Tryna fuck em all, kill the fuckin whips
See what’s poppin’ at the mall, meet a bad bitch
Slap her booty with my palm
You can smoke the pussy, I  was tearing down the walls
I’m motherfuckin’ Awe...
Some, swear these sights  tryna hypnotize
Grip the leather steering  wheel while I grip the thighs
See the lust stuck up in her  eyes
Maybe she like the ride or  did she like the smoke?
Or does she want it low?
Cause this shit a Coupe de  Ville so you’ll never know
So we cruise for minutes, my nigga fuck the limit
Got a window tinted for  showing gangstas in it
Slide 'till the gas is finished
[Hook x2]

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