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Исполнитель: Wu-Tang Clan
Название песни: The Heart Gently Weeps
Альбом: 8 Diagrams
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Wu-Tang Clan - The Heart Gently Weeps (feat Erykah Badu) текст песни, lyrics

Dhani Harrison & John Frusciante play guitars
[Ghostface - whispering]
Shh, shh, shh, shh, Wu, Wu, Tang, Tang
[Hook: Erykah Badu]
The joy the flowers bring  me
The pain still has me sinking
All while my heart gently weeps
Your smile has got me shrinking
The tears in your eyes are twinkling
Because the heart gently weeps
[Raekwon the Chef]
Snowy night, fiends basin', A Raisin in the Sun was  amazing
The joint on the dresser, a gauge went off
Jumped up, fish tank, it fell, and they stuck
They shot her cousin LaVon, he owed a buck
Willie was awful, pulled out  the ratchet, let off two
Grits fell on his leg, Kiana ripped the cold bowl
He violent, an Island nigga  with the talent
Of six killas who just came  home, from straight whylin
Robbin everything in Macy's, Lacy, short haircut
With long arms who fuck niggas, got four babies
Yvette jabbed her, slapped her wig off, ran in the crib
She did the dumb shit, my nigga then clapped her
Lester, smoked Chester sister Vest, I heard it was a mess
They ripped the apple out her throat, blessed her
Hungry hyenas from Medina, all eight trainers
Who got reluct', think fast and blast from Beamers
[Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, yo
I brought my bitch out to  Pathmark, she's pushin the  cart
Headed to aisle four, damn I  got milk on my Clark's
That's what I get, not focusin from hittin that bark
My mouth dried, need plenty  water quick, I feel like a  shark
In the aisle bustin them  paper towels and wipin my Wally's down
I stood up to face a barrel, he's holdin a shiny pound
It's him, he want revenge, I  murdered his Uncle Tim
I sold him a bag of dope, his wife came and copped again
{*singing*} That bitch is  crazyyyyy
And uh, she brought her  babyyyyy
She knew I hard the murders of smack
It killed her man though, now I got his fuckin nephew grippin his gat
You're a bitch - you better kill meeeee
You know you're bootyyyyyy
You pulled your toolie, out on meeeee...motherfucker
First thought was to snatch the ratchet
Said fuck it and fuckin  grabbed it
I ducked, he bucked twice, this nigga was fuckin laughin
I wrestled him to the ground, tustle, scuffle, constantly kicked him
He wouldn't let go the joint, so I fuckin bit him
Shots was whizzin, hittin Clorox bottles
Customers screamin, then the faggot ran out of hollows
I had to show him what it's all about
Next thing you read in the paper, "A man who came to  kill gets knocked out"
[Interlude: Erykah Badu]
I don't know whyyy-hy-hyyyy, nobody told you
Man's not supposed to cry...
Though we're just babies, and you're so crazy
How tears of joy bring so much life
[Method Man]
Yo, aiyyo yo yo
You on your way to the  store nigga grab me a Dutch, I'm mad as fuck
My dude, my count was short when I was baggin it up
Now I need liquor, nigga  pass me a cup
What's up with Officer  Brown? The other day he tried to shackle me up
He killed Kase and now he hasslin us
This motherfucker got balls, even the gall to try and pattin me up
Time to re-up, let these  niggas know we back on the  block
With three hundred off a G-pack, crack in the spot

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