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Исполнитель: DJ Khaled
Название песни: I'm On One
Альбом: We The Best Forever
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DJ Khaled - I'm On One (feat Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne) текст песни, lyrics

(I get 'em up!) I'm on one
(I get 'em up!) Fuck it, I'm 'on one
(I get 'em up!) I said I’m on  one
[Verse 1: Drake]
I’m getting so throwed, I  ain't went this hard since I  was 18
Apologize if I say anything I  don’t mean
Like "what's up with your  best friend?
We could all have some fun, believe me
And what's up with these  new niggas?
And why they think it all  comes so easy?"
But get it while you here boy
Cause all that hype don’t  feel the same next year boy
Yeah and I’ll be right here in my spot with a little more  cash
Than I already got trippin  off you cause you had your  shot
With my skin tanned and my  hair long and my fans who  been so patient
Me and 40 back to work but  we still smell like a vacation
Hate the rumours, hate your bullshit, hate these fucking  allegations
I’m just feeling like the  throne is for the taking,  watch me take it!
[Hook: Drake]
All I care 'bout is money and the city that I'm from
I'ma sip until I feel it, I'mma  smoke it 'til it's done
And I don’t really give a  fuck, and my excuse is that  I’m young
And I’m only getting older so  somebody shoulda told ya
I’m on one, yeah, fuck it, I’m  on one
Yeah, I said I’m on one, fuck  it, I’m on one
Two white cups and I got  that drink
Could be purple, it could be  pink
Depending on how you mix  that shit
Money to be got, and I'mma  get that shit
Cause I’m on one, I said, fuck it, I’m on one
[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I’m burning purple flowers, it’s burning my chest
I bury the most cash and  burning the rest
Walking on the clouds,  suspended in thin air
The ones beneath me  recognize the red bottoms I  wear
Burner in the belt, move the  kids to the hills (Boss)
Bend shawty on the sink, do  it for the thrill
Kiss you on ya neck and tell  ya everything is great
Even though I out on bond I  might be facin' 8's
Still running with the same  niggas 'til the death of me
Ever seen a million cash,  gotta count it carefully
Ever made love to the  woman of your dreams
In a room full of money out in London and she screams
Baby, I could take it there
Call Marc Jacobs personally  to make a pair
So yeah, we on one, the feeling ain’t fair (Khaled)
And it’s double M G until I get the chair
[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
I walk around the club, fuck  everybody
And all my niggas got that  Heat I feel like Pat Riley
Yeah, too much money, ain't  enough money
You know the feds listening,  nigga what money?
I’m a made nigga, I should  dust something
You niggas on the bench like the bus coming
Huh, ain't nothing sweet but  the Swishers
I’m focused might as well say cheese for the pictures
Ohh, I’m about to go Andre  the Giant
You a sell out, but I ain't  buying
Chopper dissect a nigga like  science
Put an end to your world like the Mayans
This a celebration bitches  Mazeltov
It’s a slim chance I fall, Olive  Oyl
Tunechi be the name, don’t  ask me how I got it
I’m killin’ these hoes I swear I’m tryna stop the violence
Young mula baby, YMCMB

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