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Исполнитель: 2 Chainz
Название песни: No Lie
Альбом: Based on a T.R.U Story
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2 Chainz - No Lie (feat Drake) текст песни, lyrics

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
I am smoking on that gas, life should be on Cinemax
Movie, bought my boo  bigger tits and a bigger ass
Who he’s, not I, I smoke  strong, that Popeye
Louie V’s in my archives, black diamonds, apartheid
Bread up and my top down, on the block with a block out
Hit ya ass with that  block-ow, dope enough to  go in yo nostrils
I take ya girl and kidnap  her, feed her to my  mattress
A skeleton in my closet, it's  probably one of these dead  ass rappers
It's probably one these  pussy ass niggas, don’t try  me I’ll pull that trigga
Got ya car note in my cup, and your rent in my swisha
That pussy so good I miss  you, head game’s so vicious
And all I get is cheese like  I’m taking pictures
[Hook: Drake]
I say fuck you, less I’m with  you
If I take you out of the  picture
I know real niggas won't miss you
No lie, no lie, no lie-ee-i-ee-i
No lie, no lie, no lie-ee-i-ee-i
Real niggas say word
You ain't never told no lie
You ain't never told no lie
Real niggas say word
You ain't never told no lie
You ain't never told no lie
Real niggas say true
You ain't never told no lie
You ain't never told no lie
That's a thing I don’t do
Nah I just do it for the  niggas
That are tryna see a million  fore they die
[Verse 2: Drake]
2 Chainz and Champagne,  you want true, that’s true  enough
Forbes list like every year, my office is my tour bus
She came through, she  brought food
She got fucked, she knew  whassup
She think I’m the realest out
And I say damn that makes  two of us
Aww that look like what’s her name, chances are it’s whats her name
Chances are if she was  acting up then I fucked her  once and never fucked again
She could have a Grammy, I  still treat her ass like a  nominee
Just need to know what that  pussy like so one time is fine with me
Young as an intern, but  money like I built the shit
Streets talking they'll confirm
Go ask them who just killed  the shit
Stay keeping my cup full
So I’m extra charged like a  state tax
Me and Chainz go way back
We don’t talk shit, we just  state facts
Yes, Lord
[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
Name a nigga that want some
I’ll out rap his ass, out trap  his ass
Put his ass in a plastic bag  with his trashy ass
Take him out, bring em in,  them whole things
2Pac without a nose ring
Thug Life, one wife, a  mistress and a girlfriend
I did what they say I wouldn’t
Went where they say I  couldn’t (tru)
YSL belt buckle, ya’ll niggas  sure is looking
Ya’ll niggas sure is lucky, two chains on my rugby
Left hand on that steering  wheel, right hand on that  pussy

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