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Исполнитель: The Roots
Название песни: The OtherSide
Альбом: Undun (2011)
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The Roots - The OtherSide (feat Bilal, Black Thought & Greg Porn) текст песни, lyrics

[Verse 1: Black Thought]
Yo, we obviously need to tone it down a bit
Running round town  spending time like it’s  counterfeit
Everybody catching hay fever like sinuses
Step in my arena let me  show y’all who the highness is
You might say I could be  doing something positive
Humble head down low and  broke like promises
Soaking and broken in a  joke like comics is
Not enough paper to be  paying folks compliments
But when that paper got low  so did my tolerance
And it ain’t no truth in a dare without the consequence
Listen if it not for these hood inventions
I'd just be another kid from  the block with no intentions
On the dock of that bay  serving a life sentence
Even if I’m going to hell I’m  gonna make an entrance
Yeah let em know I’m getting  cheese like omeletes is
But I’m the toast of the town  like Thomas is
[Hook: Bilal]
We’re all on a journey
Down the hall of memories
Don’t worry bout what you  ain’t got
Leave with a little bit of  dignity
Never loved what I had
Always felt like I deserved  more
But when I
Make it to the other side
Make it to the other side
That’s when we’ll settle up  the score
[Verse 2: Black Thought]
Yo, we did this in remembrance of
Faces from the past we no longer have an image of
Carrying cold blood hearts that never been for love
Brothers keep going for theirs but never get enough
World travelers that seen it  all and did enough
Only to return to learn the  world wasn’t big enough
Damn, how long has it been? I guess the jig is up
Now all I know is I’m about to wake this nigga up
Yeah that hindsight, 20/20, now niggas dead on the money
Trying to take something  from me it’s a wrap like a  mummy
Undun I am becoming and  when he’s tired of running
Through the layers of the  onion
He’ll probably shed a tear  cause they’ll be no more fast times
Just his weak mind scrolled out like a bad sign
He never had enough and got confused when they asked why
Life is only a moment in time and it passed by
[Verse 3: Greg Porn]
I’m sitting on top of the world ready to jump off
Thinking of various ways to breaking the law
Thinking that enough is enough but still I want more
Thinking of how I’m playing with fire that burned my young boy
By any means necessary,  don’t give a damn
So every night I’m on a flight that never lands
Be an asshole when the shit  hits the fan
Or bet your life on a bluff  and a bad hand
Can’t win, can’t lose
Get 'em gassed, leave em leaking fuel
Either way the market moves
Cash rules kings, queens,  prince and princess
Every night I’m crossing a  line that ain’t the finish
Every thought is dark as a  glass of fucking Guinness
Too far gone to come back to my senses
Now I’m on the edge of my bed making love to my meds
Every moment's like a pistol  to my head
When I’m getting mine

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