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Исполнитель: Stateless
Название песни: Visions
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Stateless - Visions текст песни, lyrics

Feel rage, feel rage in enormity
 As these days, piss taken constantly,
My peeps say, we are living the lives of the modern slave 
Them kill joy away
Blow-back, deep breath to take it in
 You slow dance, demons that live within,
There is no chance , in seeing the light in the day 
Because I cant stand my visions in sleep
 My mind just takes hold of visions and transforms 
Memories and waking dreams tell 
All that we are, we are our makers sins
Time for time, being growing in fields of blood
Now we done flowered black as night because of all
Those who have been watering us lies
Subconscious thoughts 
Beginnings of life that is oh so bad, oh so wrong

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