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Исполнитель: Negative
Название песни: Days I'm Living For
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Negative - Days I'm Living For текст песни, lyrics

So you want me to say something wise and clever
I write it out in a song instead of a letter
My o my, can't describe how hard i've tried
To discover the feeling inside
While the road ahead keeps turning

And I know I couldn't stay beside you now
It's been shown without a word this love's a crime
After all that we've been through
There's a life after you
And I hope you'll be alright 
I'm moving on
Days I'm living for

Shine a light, when my days get dark and hollow
The brightest star in the sky is the guide i'll follow
My o my, felt the shiver down my spine
Like a victim of a crime
It's a pill that's hard to swallow

And I know I couldn't stay beside you now

I go out
I'm impressed by the sound
So sweet and cruel

I turn around
As I fall to the ground
It's my deja vu

I walk and walk, 'till the borderline
And further I go
I know I was right to let go

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