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Исполнитель: Negative
Название песни: We Can't Go On
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Negative - We Can't Go On текст песни, lyrics

Remember the time you used to say,
We've come to the end of our own way,
Or this journey has just begun?
You're the lesson cursed I never learned,
You're the flames in the fire when we burn.
I ain't got time for you and I...

Someday when I become old and wise,
I'm able to explain to you,
Why love is kind to be cruel.

Forget the grief to celebrate,
Come enjoy this dance on the edge
Together it's softer to fall.
You know I'm afraid to say it loud,
You know I'm too scared to spit it out,
I have to scream and shout.

We can't go on! [6x]

No more excuse for me to go,
No excuses that I know,
Oh my darling we're doomed to fail.
Just can't get the words out of my head,
No reason to wait for better days,
Life's a bitch and then we die.

We can't go on! [6x]

All this time I trusted you
And fooled myself I was dumb.
Love is just for the fools,
And I've heard it should be fun,
It might be fun, it can't be fun.

We can't go on! [6x]

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