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Исполнитель: The Verve
Название песни: In Between
Текст песни добавил: _umni4ka_
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The Verve - In Between текст песни, lyrics

In March I met my wonderlove 
Then lost her underneath the April showers 
By May we worked out our difference 
By June the petals were all plucked from flowers 

In between my girl 
And there is no other in this world, oh no 
I am in between my girl 
And it's gonna be a brighter day 
If she'd get the nerve to stay

Hey would you mind standing in for 
I only need you for this weekday evening 
Saturday, I never knew you 
Sorry dear, you really need to understand that I am 

In between... 

She always gives me the runaround 
She left me for a college boy 
As sure as the world is round 
Next semester she'll be back again 
We're always off and on again 
But for awhile I'll surely keep your number 

In between... 

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