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Исполнитель: Bobbysocks!
Название песни: Don't Bring Lulu
Альбом: Bobbysocks!
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Bobbysocks! - Don't Bring Lulu текст песни, lyrics

Your presence is requested,
wrote little Johnny White.
But with this invitation
there is a stipulation:

When you attend this party
you'll all be treated right.
But there's a wild and wooly woman
you boys can't invite.

You can bring Pearl, she's a darn nice girl,
but don't bring Lulu.
You can bring Rose, with her turned up nose,
but don't bring Lulu.

Lulu always wants to do
what we boys don't want her to.
When she struts her stuff around
London Bridge is falling down!

You can bring Kate or a Porterhouse steak,
but don't bring Lulu.
Lulu gets blue and she goes cuckoo
like a clock upon the shelf.

She's the kind of smarty
who breaks up every party.
Hullabaloo-loo, don't bring Lulu.
(I'll bring her myself).

We all went to the party,
had a real high tone affair.
And then along came Lulu,
as tall as any Zulu.

She started into Charleston,
and how the boys did stare.
But when she did the hula-hula,
then she got the air.

You can bring Nan, with the old deadpan,
but don't bring Lulu.
You can bring Tess, with her no and yes,
but don't bring Lulu.

Lulu has the reddest hair,
redder here and redder there.
How can we boys keep our heads?
Bulls go wild when they see red.

You can bring peas and crackers and cheese,
but don't bring Lulu.
Give her two beers and she'll tears more tears,
as the throws cups off the shelf.

When she laughs with feeling
the boys all hit the ceiling.
Hullabaloo-loo, don't bring Lulu.
She'll come here herself.

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