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Исполнитель: Bobbysocks!
Название песни: If I Fall
Альбом: Walkin' on air
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Bobbysocks! - If I Fall текст песни, lyrics

Lyrics & Music: Rolf Løvland / Hanne Krogh / Paul Conrad

If I fall, I fall for you,
though my heart's afraid of falling.
Afraid of what I may go through
If I ever fall in love again. 

If I dream, I dream of you,
and of hearts that won't be broken.
I dream of how our world could be
if only you could take the fear from me.

I was no-man´s girl in no-man´s land,
where commitments felt like pain.

But if I fall, I fall for you,
if I ever fall in love again.

If I'll fight, I'll fight for you,
from the moment you fall weary.
Though I've found new strength in you,
still I wonder if this love is true.

In another place, another time,
would my fear of love remain?

Or would I dare to fall for you?
Oh, I need to fall in love again.

When I sing, I sing for you,
now my voice forever lingers.
Suddenly my songs seem true,
in my heart their words are meant for you.

And tonight when the curtains fall,
I leave my stage without pain.
Then I call, I call for you,
now I'm willing to be loved again.

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