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Исполнитель: The Parlotones
Название песни: Come Back as Heroes
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The Parlotones - Come Back as Heroes текст песни, lyrics

When you come back please come back home as heroes
And while you’re gone we’ll sing this song for you
And we will share the pain and share the glory
So come back home as heroes
And make us heroes too
When you come back 
Come back as heroes

Can you feel the energy?
United voices fill the streets
And together we're million strong
So when the moment comes to shine
I hope some dreams are by your side
Let them lift you up and drive you on


As a mission hold its breath
Just make us proud and be the best
We´ll take the lows
And we´ll chill the highs
'Cause there won´t be a sweeter sound
In every village, every town
We´ll be singing when you lift the final cry
So go on and on and on

Chorus x3

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