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Исполнитель: IAMX
Название песни: Screams
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IAMX - Screams текст песни, lyrics

Every night she closed her eyes
Every night she turned afraid
When the sex dripped on her lips mixed with her tear drops
Daddy's little girl became erased
When she crawled across the sheets onto the A-list
The attention took her tention away
In the company of wolves there is no sympathy
We feed on the remains

And I hear screams
I hear screams
Like a victim for the first time
I hear screams
I hear screams

In the City of angels she laid
Skin soaked in the chlorine and the cocaine
No love will sail her over this dirty ocean
If she returns she returns to pain
For her the safest place is here
Between the porno and the comfort of her deepest fears
In the strobe light we embrace her like prey
She just rises into the ether


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