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Исполнитель: Heilsarmee
Название песни: You and Me
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Heilsarmee - You and Me текст песни, lyrics

When the times are getting rough 
Gold and silver turn to dust
Рeople build their barricades 
Out of jealousy and hate
But there's one thing 
They could never
Never ever separate

Let it hear from near and far 
This is how it's meant to be 
We're together you and me
Nothing can tear us apart 
Sailing on a stormy sea 
We're together you and me 

We build castles with our hands 
On a solid ground they stand
They’re our shelter from the storm 
To keep us safe and keep us warm 
No there's nothing that can hurt us 
Whatever there may come


Time is flowing to the sea 
But it's still you and me
Nothing's like it used to be 
But we're here, you and me

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